Who we are

Challenged Kids International (CKi) is a nonprofit / non-governmental organization started by friends in 2010 who through their experiences realized the need to encourage children facing economical, social, health, physical, and mental challenges to see beyond their disabilities and strive to achieve their personal goals in life. The organization works with challenged kids in the developing world.

Our mission

To support challenged kids to utilize their strengths through educative, cultural and innovative activities to enable them to build and develop their own capabilities.

 Our vision

All children, regardless of their abilities or social impedements place upon them, deserve to live in a society which supports their full potential.


 CKi programs support kids to continue to build their strengths and self-esteem through developing personal and leadership skills using activities like:

  • Cusine, nutrition and urban and/or peri-urban agriculture
  • Education, training and information technology

Our values

  • At CKi, we believe in equality in diversity, and therefore, disability should not be a barrier to one’s choice, personal development and ability to contribute to society
  • We also believe that every child should be given equal opportunity to grow in a safe and caring environment irrespective of his/her physical and mental ability and place of birth

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